About Us

Foster International is a UAE-based Trading and Services Company that operates across the GCC and Africa in the HVAC, MEP, Architecture & Civil Engineering industries.

Founded in 2009

With the objective to meet the growing market demand in the Middle East and driven by our mission for exceptional customer satisfaction

Foster International has grown from strength to strength. Today we represent a number of reputable manufacturers from around the globe in the field of HVAC, as well as bridge bearings and expansion joints, claddings & ceilings, specialised devices to improve the dynamic behaviour of buildings and bridges, in addition to paints and architectural partitions.

Why Foster

Uniqueness in our technology offering, product quality and unparalleled customer service ensure that Foster International are the leading trading and services company in the UAE. Our products have been carefully researched and tested and fulfil one or more of the following criteria: new and proven technology, products that provide superb capital returns and those that are fabricated under world-class standards by manufacturers of impeccable track record.

Our clients see us as a valued partner, not just a supplier – we not only supply but also advise, service and guarantee that our clients are completely satisfied with their decision for many years after project completion. We achieve this by guaranteeing that our sales engineers are well trained and passionate about their products, whilst working closely with our partner manufacturers to continuously improve products and services together.

Green Horizons: Our Sustainability Pledge

Foster’s sustainability goal revolves around the integration of eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient technologies within heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. By prioritizing energy conservation, reduced emissions, and optimal resource utilization, sustainability strives to mitigate the environmental impact of building operations while concurrently enhancing energy savings. This entails the deployment of energy-efficient HVAC equipment, such as high-efficiency heating and cooling units, alongside advanced control systems that adapt operations to real-time conditions. Additionally, sustainable HVAC solutions incorporate renewable energy sources, smart controls, and energy recovery systems, ensuring a harmonious balance between occupant comfort, indoor air quality, and minimized carbon footprints. This holistic approach not only diminishes operational expenses but also contributes to a more resilient and environmentally responsible built environment.

Our sustainability solutions extend beyond energy considerations to encompass comprehensive life cycle analyses, material choices, and emission reductions. Through meticulous design, proper insulation, and building envelope enhancements, HVAC systems can curtail heat loss or gain, thus reducing the need for excessive energy consumption. Innovative strategies like zoning, where specific areas are conditioned based on occupancy, and variable-speed technologies, which tailor airflow to demand, further underscore the commitment to efficiency. By embracing sustainability, Foster champions a greener future, where responsible resource management converges with cutting-edge technologies to create a more harmonious coexistence with our planet.