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Taylor Devices are the world leader in Innovative Shock & Vibration Control since 1955. Taylor products are used to absorb, control, or mitigate the motion of masses whether permanent or transient, such as those caused by earthquakes, explosions and wind, or steady state such as vibration of industrial machinery.

Taylor Devices experienced workforce and wide range of capabilities continuously combined creates coveted engineered solutions for our customers.

Originally developed for NASA in the 1960s, fluid viscous dampers have successfully transitioned to the civil engineering community for use in protecting buildings, bridges and other structures worldwide. As a 2015 inductee into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, Taylor Devices has been recognised by NASA for innovations within the space programme, that now not only improve life on Earth, but save lives on Earth too.

Taylor Devices are registered to the current versions of ISO 9001 and AS9100, as audited and certified by NSF International Strategic Registrations, in accordance with AS9104:2005.

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Taylor Devices dampers resist dynamic motion and remove energy from a structure during wind or seismic events, allowing it to withstand harsh input energy and reduce harmful deflections, forces and accelerations to structures and occupants.

Over 600 Buildings and Bridges are now using Taylor Devices Dampers, with major projects over the world including:


Lock-up devices allow unrestricted motion when the bridge structure slowly expands and contracts thermally, yet locks the structural masses together under seismic or wind storm conditions.

Major projects over the world using Taylor Devices Lock Up Devices include:


Tall slender buildings require damping and tuned mass dampers are a great option to provide this supplemental damping. Taylor Devices tuned mass dampers control the response of a building’s mass and springs, reducing acceleration when subjected to high winds. They can also be used to reduce pedestrian-induced vibrations in pedestrian bridges and long-span floors, as well as human-induced vibrations in stadiums and theatres.

Major projects over the world using Taylor Devices Tuned Mass Dampers include: