Fuchs Design GmbH

Fuchs Design GmbH was established in 2012 and is now one of the world’s leading companies for glass blocks and accessories.

The products are produced in five different factories according to the highest quality standards. In addition to classic building material and tile dealers, the central warehouse in Kerken also supplies DIY stores, distribution companies, assembly and craft businesses, as well as customers throughout Europe. The products are delivered in the required quantities, from one piece to full truckloads.

The special glass blocks manufactured in-house at the head office, which are used for fire protection applications, heat-insulating (THERMO BLOCK) facades or spectacular interior design applications, are even shipped worldwide from Kerken due to the extremely favourable logistic connections to the international seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. With the establishment of the branch office Fox Design Hong Kong LTD towards the end of 2014, the company joined forces to cover the needs of international wholesale customers through low-priced and fast direct distribution. In keeping up to date with new insulating requirements, a glass brick called THERMO BLOCK was developed, at which an UG-value of up to 0.8 is possible.

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Crystal Collection is the next-generation’s glass blocks that have wonderful light reflection giving a different look depending on the angle it’s viewed at, creating a unique interior feel.
The New York Loft Style of Crystal Collection gives a stunning effect to any living space, and with 2 available sizes that are perfectly matched to each other, whether you prefer the clear or satin version, there is a wide range of possibilities

Quick & Easy Installation

Crystal Collection is simply glued one by one, row by row – and that’s strong enough. A special glue, SRT5 is used that is transparent and preserves the transparency of the Crystal Collection.


The distinguishing feature of these glass blocks is their colour change. The desired colour of Light My Wall can be easily set at the touch of a button, with an automatic change of colour also possible. With internally illuminated glass block walls, you can set wonderful accents and illuminate stylishly and indirectly. The colour change of Light My Wall can be controlled with the enclosed remote control and because they use 12V LEDs, they can be safely used in damp rooms. With the special installation system, Light My Wall is very easy to install – the glass blocks are glued to the substrate with profiles and adhesive.

The illuminated glass block walls can be used as room separator, shower enclosure, in the stairwell, as a counter or highlight behind a bar. Explore your creativity and find amazing places to install illuminated glass blocks.

With the included QUICK-FIX installation system, a glass block wall can be built in no time. The maximal allowable dimension of a glass block wall fixed on the ground and on one wall is 200x200cm proportionally – so, you may also build a wall of 220x180cm.
The illuminated glass block walls set accents wonderfully – choose your favourite colour anytime, or set an automatic colour change. The glass block wall may also be clear or opaque according to your choice

With a special QUICK FIX installation system, the glass blocks are glued to the clean and stable floor.

The maximal allowable dimension of a glass block wall fixed on the ground and one wall is 200x200cm proportionally (successful pendulum impact test in accordance with DIN 4103-1, certified by the Material Testing Facility in Braunschweig).


The Fuchs glass blocks are characterised by a variety of sizes and colours. Due to their special design, the glass block is only slightly translucent.

Jointless SurfacesIt
allows you to create jointless surfaces with glass blocks in 24x24x8 cm or 30x30x10 cm.

Size Overview
Fuchs glass blocks are available in various sizes and designs such as modern, classic or retro.

Quick Fix Installation System
Every do-it-yourselfer can easily install a glass block wall.


This line of glass blocks comprises not only a variety of colours, but also the glass within the blocks has a particularly high quality/ purity.

There are different aesthetics available within this range:


The technical facts of the glass blocks are:

  1. Fire Resistant – Time limit up to 120min.
  2. Sound Proofing – 45 dB Sound insulation value (Noise protection class 5)
  3. No Thermal and Energy Loss Anymore With Glass Blocks

Thermo Block Glass Blocks are used as exterior facades with heat insulating properties that can be perfectly installed in new or renovated buildings. The technology of manufacture is a special sandwich construction method with a design advantage where the components laying outside hide the thermal insulating special glass in the middle and retain the glass block look. Privacy, burglary-proof, stability and noise prevention are further special features of Thermo Block.

Technical Glass Blocks Glass Pavers

Glass pavers are ideal for walk-in applications, they provide stability and are translucent at the same time.

The different types available are:

  • Solid Glass
  • Half Shells
  • Hallow Glass Paver
  • Led Glass Paver

Technical Glass Blocks Lens

This contributes to create a special architectural light effect, whether backlit or clear, the glass lens is something exceptional and creates individual lighting effects. This effect can be intensified by installing LEDs in the hollow lens, which can be integrated into the wall, or ceiling.


Create your individual, personal customised glass block design by sand-blasting a motif onto the glass block.

Be Creative

The decorative glass block can be used in many ways – as a moneybox, wedding gift, gift packaging, a kitchen holder for your cooking utensils and much more! The versatility of the glass block means that in addition to being designed from the outside, it can also be filled with various items such as Christmas decorations or fairy lights.


Style’n Art Ceramic Bricks are Deco Idea bricks that are handmade through a complex production process. Slight irregularities in the shape of form or dimension leads to an intended effect to underscore the naturalness, with the natural character resulting from this kind of procedure emphasising the charm of a surface realised with the Style’n Art Deco concept.

Installation of Style’n Art Deco Idea

The bricks are to be installed with mortar (classical method) using the special installation system, Quick-Fix. The advantage of this system is extremely quick and clean handling – perfect for the realisation of your ideas of interior fittings. All Quick-Fix profiles are glued to the wall and/or ground and to the Style’n Art Deco Idea bricks by special glue SRT8. The joint space between the bricks is automatically defined by the profiles and is approx. 5mm*. Afterwards, the installed surface has to be joined with the flex joint grout.


The various accessories that aid the installation of Fuchs Design are: