Barwa System

BARWA SYSTEM started their activity by cooperating with an Italian manufacturer in the field of import and the assembly of metal suspended ceilings. The experience gained allowed them to undertake innovative solutions and launch their own production of suspended ceilings in the Polish market. Designing and manufacturing raster ceilings, cassette ceilings, slatted ceilings, drawn mesh, as well as claddings and facades, their mission is to provide clients with metal products of the highest quality.

Responding to the ever-growing needs of the market, they implement individual projects and use a variety of materials such as: steel, aluminum, titanium-zinc sheets, cor-ten, composite boards and coloured metal alloys.

With the adaptation of production processes to meet European standards and the constant expansion of their machine-park and technological facilities, it is now possible to provide safe products that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

BARWA SYSTEM delivers annually over 200,000 m2 of metal ceilings to the European market, which makes them the largest producer of metal ceilings in Poland.

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Aluminum raster ceilings are one of the standard branches of BARWA SYSTEM production. The raster ceilings family can be distinguished into OPEN CELL, OPEN LINE, MICRO CELL and OPEN SKY ceilings. Raster ceilings are the simplest and also the most durable way to mask any ceiling installation (such as fire, electrical or ventilation installations). The high quality aluminum coating used in their production, guarantees the durability of the coating, whilst their system solutions allow for quick and trouble-free installation. Raster ceilings are ideally suited for use in facilities such as:


The aluminum strip ceilings are the simplest in assembly guaranteeing fast, visual, high room dividing including innovative vertical slats with an open ceiling (LH and PP type).


The ceilings are perfect for standard solutions, which are mounted on a construction parallel to each other in a passing pattern or at various angles. The slatted ceilings allow joining together in one project slats of different width or different height of the profile, which gives a very original and multidimensional character.

It is possible to use these interesting and also functional perforations that improve not only the aesthetic qualities of the ceiling, but also the acoustic ones. The slatted ceilings allow the installation of lighting and other elements (e.g. loudspeakers, diffusers, etc.) and an additional advantage is the possibility of using them outside (Technical Approval AT – 15 8444/2016). Slat ceilings made of aluminum sheet are characterised by the highest fire reaction class A1
All these features make it work well in places such as:


The products of BARWA SYSTEM highlight the potential of modern architecture and are extremely durable. Facades and interiors of modern buildings often reflect the business of a company and are seen as a first impression of a company. BARWA SYSTEM offers a wide range of wall coverings for indoor and outdoor use and numerous decorative products, such as panel wall coverings made of steel or aluminum sheets, or expanded metal mesh, composite panels or fixed blinds.

Claddings and facades made of sheet metal

Sheet metal claddings are made of various materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium-zinc sheets, stainless steel and Cor-ten. These modern solutions allow the customer to adjust the cladding to their individual needs and the most sophisticated ideas. As standard, the claddings are in the full version, but for acoustic or aesthetic reasons they can be perforated and supplemented with acoustic inserts.

Linings and facades of expanded metal

Expanded metal is a lightweight, yet very durable material, resistant to external factors (both steel and aluminum). Its modern design perfectly highlights the character of buildings in industrial and minimalist style. BARWA SYSTEM offers expanded metal in all colours from the RAL palette, but on a customer’s request it can be made in a non-standard shade.

Claddings and facades made of composite panels

Aluminum composite panels are characterised by durability, higher stiffness, and aesthetics at the highest level and resistance to weather conditions and impacts. Using acoustic inserts and interesting and functional perforations, they can improve the acoustic properties of rooms and also create unique and original designs. Different lighting techniques can bring out the modern character of the openwork façade and with the translucency you can light up an entire wall or selected fragments, creating an unusual visual effect. There is easy assembly/ disassembly of panels, along with access to the surface behind the panels.